With an initial set of applications, a rapid prototype was developed and
tested successfully at both trial sites, ORBIS and MRPS. This prototype
served as an important step to obtain feedback from the end users, to
validate the system, and to refine the user requirements and test
factors such as robustness, usability and acceptability. The results
will be considered in the next phase of the project.

The prototype realized first version of the services Agenda, Reminder,
and Object Location. An Avatar served as the interface for interaction
with the system together with speech input and output, in addition to a
standard GUI. In the backend the Knowledge Base and a Dialogue Manager
were running. The Knowledge Base serves as the data management hub for
all cooperating services and components of the system and the Dialogue
Manager is responsible for the interaction flow of the system. More
information on the prototype and the pre-trial setup and process can be
found in Deliverable D6.3 (Pilot setup and deployments).

The first impression showed that the system was very easy to understand
and the elderlies directly started to interact with it as they could see
all the provided functionalities. The main problem that occurred was the
overall performance of the system which was perceived as being too slow.

The results and a discussion on the outcome will soon be published as
Deliverable D6.4 (Pilot acceptance evaluation results). With the
publication of this deliverable, the first Milestone will be achieved
and Phase 1 will be completed.

In the following you can find some pictures from the pre-trials:





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