New name of project partner Orbis Medisch en Zorgconcern:


Orbis Medisch and Zorgconcern had a merger with Atrium Medisch Centrum Parkstad (another hospital in our region). We are proud to reveal our new name: Zuyderland.

Together we guarantee excellent cure and care in the south of the Netherlands.

We have now one hospital at multiple locations, 10 care centers, two hospices, rehabilitation, mental healthcare, home care, domestic care and youth health care. Orbis Thuiszorg (home care) and Orbis Huishoudelijke hulp (domestic care) are also in this merger but will keep their name till 1-1-2016.

We provide high quality cure and care from birth till the end of the life cycle.

This merger between Atrium and Orbis is a reinforcement of the cure and care in our region. Now and in the future.

We find knowledge transfer, investment in further expertise development and hypermodern medical equipment very important and like to be a precursor of innovations in cure and care.

Due to this merger we can reach a bigger patient/client population for our project and have a bigger catchment area to implement the solutions from this project within our own organization.

We are proud to have these extended possibilities at Zuyderland available for the project.



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