The overall aim of the Miraculous-Life project is to design, develop and evaluate a Virtual Support Partner that by analogy to a real life human partner, considering emotional understanding and responding, will attend to the needs of the elder while he goes about his normal daily life activities in the totality of his home and provide implicit support and also safety. The system will consider established behaviour and communication patterns related to how an elder interacted with a human partner while carrying out his/her daily activities at home throughout life. As a result the elder is given the illusion of communicating with a real human who understands both his/her his emotional state and behaviour.

Below the main objectives of the Miraculous-Life project are stated. All of these objectives will be achieved during the lifetime of the project, which it will be illustrated by mapping these objectives to the project deliverables and milestones.

Obj. 1: Stimulate and motivate the elder to remain longer active at home through a virtual partner support

Obj. 2: Enhance the engagement of the elder in carrying out daily activities at home through emotional understanding

Obj. 3: Increase the elder’s satisfaction in using the system via a natural and intuitive way to interact with the system

Obj. 4: Improve quality of life and prolong autonomy of the elder

Obj. 5: Provide benefits on the social level of the elder and also improve the integrated care processes for elderly care at home

Obj. 6: Achieve high usefulness of the system for the user through pilots and related evaluation and assessment