The following deliverables are public and will be provided here for download as soon as they are completed. The delivery date is the month after the project start (December 2013).


Del. no.  Deliverable name Nature Delivery date
D1.1 Specification of user needs analysis and design of VSP model Report 8, 24
D1.2 Specification of use case scenarios and User Interface  Report 8, 12
D1.3 Ethical, Privacy,  Legal Considerations and Deontological practice Report  6
D3.3 Interface specification for the expressive speech and avatar user interface component Software 8, 24
D4.1 Design and specification of ICT-based services and safety services Report  8, 24
D5.1 Specification of overall system architecture and security and privacy infrastructure Report  8, 24
D5.3 Specification of Miraculous-Life system integration  Report  8, 16, 24
D6.1 Trials specification and design Report 8, 24
D6.2 Privacy Protection Plan Report 8
D6.3 Pilot setup and deployments Report/Software 8, 16, 24
D6.4 Pilot acceptance evaluation results Report 9, 25
D6.5  Overall system evaluation and initial deployment Report/Software 36
D7.1 Public Project Website  Other  3
D7.2 Dissemination strategy and plan  Report  3, 12
D7.3 Exploitation and Standardization Strategy and Plan Report  8, 24
D7.4 Business Strategy Report 12, 24,36
D7.5 IPR Directory  Report  3, 36
D8.3 Project Quality Handbook  Report 3